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Why choose Ultra Bright Lightz?
Well, for starters, our prices blow the competition out of the water. But it's more than just deep, discounted emergency vehicle warning lights, knives, flashlights and other accessories. It's the legendary customer service. We're available nearly 24 hours, to answer any question. Don't be suprised if you get a reply from us at 2am. Plus, our prices and products are straightforward and there's no gimmicks.

We're more than just lights though.
Every alarm for help begins with the lights. If you don't have a adequate lighting to get yourself, or your members, or employees to where they need to be, you're only at risk to make the helpers need help. These are more than just lights, they're life savers and protectors. Over 10% of firefighter deaths are caused by motor vehicle accidents (fema.gov). That is something we can all prevent.

Ask our knowledgeable sales representatives - your best resource, and at your finger tips, We're volunteer firefighters too, and we know pretty well what you need. We've been doing this for a while, since 2006 actually. So if you don't know, or are unsure, ask. That's what we're here for.

What else makes Ultra Bright Lightz different?
Well besides the rock bottom prices of emergency vehicle warning lights, deeply discounted. That includes our super bright Dash Lights, Deck Lights, Grill Lights, light bars, strobes, knives, and flash lights. We ship over 90% of our orders within 1 business day! We don't spend our money sponsoring major race car events, instead we save it, which saves you.

We offer great prices from great brands like UBL Electronics, Feniex, Sho-me/Able 2, PoweArc, Gamber Johnson, Lightning X, Tac-Force and more!

Shop UltraBrightLightz.com today and see the difference!