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The Feniex 4200 Siren Controller and the Feniex 4200 Mini Controller are sure to impress!  The full size Feniex 4200 Controller can do just about anything you need to control your led emergency lights and police siren! With 18 back-lit LED buttons, this light controller is easy to see at night without being blinding.  It also features a slide switch to make turning on your emergency warning lights simple when responding to an emergency.  Whether the 4200 will be used as a police controller, firetruck controller, ambulance controller. or a POV controller, it is sure to get the job done.  If you don't need quite as many buttons, the 4200 Mini Siren Controller may be the right fit for you! The 4200 Mini Light Controller has 7 back-lit LED buttons and is even waterproof (great for Jeeps!).  The 4200 Mini is equipped to control many led emergency warning lights and your police siren!  These controllers are affordable, reliable, and made in the USA!