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We need product testers!

We're looking for qualified product testers to test out some prototypes from our upcoming product line.  Eligible applicants can apply at the link below. Currently we only have lights available in R/W and B/W. 

Testers will be required to answer a series of questions to provide feedback.  You may also make a video and testimonial for us to use with the products launch. 

Apply Here!

Is an LED Light Bar Appropriate for Off Road Emergency Vehicles?

Deciding on lights for off road emergency vehicles can be a careful balance between the need for durability and the need for visibility. Traditionally, older model light bars involved a lot of moving parts that did not play well with the roughness of the off road or abnormal road environment. Technology, though, has [...]

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3 Uses for a Quality Truck Dash Lights Setup and How to Choose a Good One

If you’re entering into a vehicle heavy industry, such as towing, repair, or emergency services, it's a wise choice to research the many applications of truck dash lights setups. Truck dash lights are employed by all kinds of professionals working with and around vehicles, and can be both a safe and attractive addition to your [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider an Upgrade to LED Warning Lights for Your Emergency Vehicle

Whether you have an older vehicle whose warning lights you’re looking to replace or a newer vehicle whose lights you want to supplement, considering an upgrade to LED warning lights is a wise choice. LED lights have a number of advantages over traditional bulb emergency lights that many people may not know. This article will [...]

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The Purposes of Different Police Lights

Police lights are a vital tool on patrol cars in order for the police officer to do their job quickly and efficiently, while also keeping surrounding vehicles and pedestrians safe. Without any type of alert system, it would make it more difficult for police to get anywhere in the case of an emergency or to [...]

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Emergency Vehicle Lights and Their Purposes

The lights used on emergency vehicles are vital to their ability to do their job. Whether it is an ambulance or fire truck speeding to the scene of an accident or emergency, or a police car parked at a work area to warn other cars to slow down, the emergency lights are critical. However, there [...]

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Best Sales And Specials For LED Light Bars At Ultra Bright Lightz

LED light bars are incredibly important for any emergency or first responder vehicle, as well as work and safety vehicles. Whether you need a warning light, flashing work lights, or a floodlight to ensure maximum visibility, Ultra Bright Lightz has something for everyone. And while we are dedicated to keeping our products affordable as well [...]

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NYS Fire Chief's Expo 2017

Ultra Bright Lightz will be returning the NYS Fire Chief's Expo!  Be sure to stop by to see the latest and greatest in emergency vehicle warning lights!  Products will be on hand for immediate purchase!  See you then! Where: Booth 2138 When: Thursday June 15, 2017 12pm- 5pm Friday June 16, 2017 9am- 5pm Saturday June 17, 2017 9am- 2pm

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​What's the best flasher?

We're often asked, “what is the best flasher?” and that's usually a hard question to answer. Like many other warning lights, is really depends upon your needs. We're going to walk you through a few types of flasher types on the market and the pros and cons of each.Plug-N-Play FlashersA new type of flasher is called a [...]

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Harrisburg Fire Expo 2017

We're just a few weeks away from the 2017 Harrisburg Fire Expo!  Once again, Ultra Bright Lightz will be back with the latest and greatest in emergency vehicle warning lights!  Be sure to stop by for a demo of our latest products or get a photo with Mr.Bolty!  We will have products on hand for [...]

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