Ultra Bright Lightz is a proud American company. Our young, small team of dedicated employees has been able to grow at rates far exceeding our competition. Since 2006 we have been on the forefront of delivering the best value in emergency vehicle lighting. Leveraging our company's employee focused culture and technocratic approach, we have been able to raise the standards for the entire industry. We are on track to become the number one supplier of emergency vehicle lighting for first responders in America and we hope you'll join us on the way!

Our history:

What began 10 years ago in a small shed and has grown to a sprawling facility in the heart of Long Island, NY. In 2006 our founder was tired of buying lighting for his POV with inflated prices. He felt he could do better and began manufacturing his own lighting. Flash forward to today and although the process has changed, the mission to deliver bright lighting at a low price has not!

Mission: Offer the brightest, most reliable lighting, backed by the industry's best service.

Vision: Eliminate first responders' vehicle related deaths with bright, effective lighting.