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Feniex 4200 Controller & Fusion Interior Visor Bar Single Color Bundle

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There's nearly nothing the Feniex 4200 Controller can't do. The feature list below is nearly endless. With this much versatility, and the attractive price tag, the 4200 is a "no-brainer." Plus it's American Made! With 26 programmable inputs there's no reason to ever have to worry about running out. If there's ever a one solution controller, this is definitely it.

We use this on our demo car at trade shows. Using the optional Bluetooth adapter and an iPad, we can walk around the vehicle and control the lights as we're showing them off. The Bluetooth has great reach, and works flawlessly if we're next to the car, or on the other side of the booth.

Let's not forget how easy it is to use. The free programming software is simple to understand and easy to use. On the controller, the 4200 has soft buttons, which are green when off, and red when on.  And the brightness can be adjusted for night time visibility.

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  • All in one controller
  • Includes U-shaped aluminum bracket
  • 18, back-lit, push-feel buttons
  • Ability to program buttons as: On/Off, Momentary, Timer
  • Three position slide switch
  • Integrated traffic controller with 8 outputs
  • USB port provides easy access for programming
  • Includes 50 standard function labels per button
  • Includes 15 ft of RJ-45 cable to link controller to power supply
  • Dimensions of power supply: 6" L x 4" W x 1.5" H
  • Dimensions of controller: 6.8" L x 3.5" W x 1.3" H
  • Integrated wigwag
  • 26 programmable 10 amp outputs
  • Programmable ignition activation
  • Programmable night mode activation
  • Programmable day mode activation
  • Five programmable inputs
  • Computer programmable
  • Free software downloads
  • Bluetooth option available for both android and apple
  • Green backlit LEDs for night time use
  • Red LEDs for activation
  • Legend sheet included
  • Brackets:
  • U-shaped bracket included
  • Face plate available with Havis, Jotto and Troy
  • Universal compatibility



4200 Controller Instructions 4200 Controller Cut Sheet 4200 Controller Data Link Software 4200 Controller Windows Bluetooth App 4200 Controller Apple Bluetooth App


The Feniex Fusion Front Interior Visor Light Bar Single Color is a great solution for adding a light to the front of your vehicle.  This light bar mounts closely to the windshield to prevent any unnecessary flashback when driving at night.  It is fully customizable with the extremely bright Fusion modules available in various colors and a choice of 40° or 180° modules.  This light is also available in vehicle specific mounts to get the best fit possible.

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  • Available in single color or dual color
  • Colors: R, B, A, W, G, RW, BW, AW, AR, AB, RB
  • 16 flash patterns for single color
  • 57 flash patterns for dual color
  • 19 available vehicle models
  • Dimensions: 0.95" H x 37" L x 5.5" W
  • Rugged sheet metal housing
  • No drilling required. Each unit mounts to existing visor brackets
  • Includes adjustable trim to prevent windshield flash back
  • 1-2 week manufacturer build time
  • Current Draw: 5A
  • Input voltage 12VDC
  • Single Color: 48 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s
  • Dual Color: 96 high power 4 Watt Cree LED’s
  • Cable Harness length: 10 Feet
  • Made in the USA
  • Capabilities:
    • 1 programmable mode for single color
    • 2 programmable modes for dual color
    • Directional Patterns
    • Takedown or Work-Light
    • Flood Mode for dual color


Available in 180 or 40 light spread optics


40° optic gives a narrow spread for being seen the brightest from farther down the road.


180° optic give a wide range spread that makes them brighter from up close, but for 180° around the light.

       For more information click below    optic-difference-button1.png


Lightz Meter:

Brightness: 10
Features:    8


Fusion  Visor Bar Instructions Fusion Visor Bar

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Feniex 4200 (Datalink): Demo 03:30

The Feniex 4200 Controller is the perfect all-in-one solution allowing you to control lights, sirens, gun locks and more! Get yours: http://ublz.co/2hcPSC2 Visit us at UltraBrightLightz.com, or call 1-888-562-5125.

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