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Supply Your Emergency Vehicle With Feniex Fusion Lights

Feniex Fusion lighting manufactures some of the best LED lights and sirens in the industry to use for your public works or emergency vehicle. Their products give you the perfect combination of bold and intense lighting, thoughtful design, and customizable features to fit your needs and preferences. So, how do you choose? Here's our list of the top Feniex Fusion lights found at Ultra Bright Lightz.

Top 5 Feniex Fusion Lights

Our top 5 best-selling Feniex Fusion lights are all great additions to any emergency vehicle's lighting. The most popular is our Feniex Fusion surface mount light in single and dual color. It is a classic surface mount or grill light for every public works or emergency vehicle. And the best part about this Feniex Fusion light? It can be mounted virtually anywhere on your vehicle, from the grill, to the license plate, to anywhere you can surface mount it. It's available in 180 or 40 optic light spreads, and the single and dual color options both come with a variety of flash patterns as well as four bracket options.

Next on the list is our Feniex Fusion l-bracket. As with the Feniex Fusion surface mount light, this l-bracket light can be used almost anywhere on your vehicle. Wherever you want to mount LED lights to your public works or emergency vehicle, this l-bracket can help LED light sticks, LED surface mounts, and many more!

At a close third is the Feniex Fusion 2X single and dual color dash light. It is the ultimate dash light for any vehicle; it is incredibly easy to mount because of the addition of suction cups that actually work to hold the light up. It mounts tightly to your windshield, but also comes with a flashback guard to prevent flashback in the driver's seat while driving at night. Another great part about this light? It doesn't use any hardwiring! All you need is a two-button cigarette plug and off you go.

Next is the Feniex Fusion stick light window mount bracket. If you are looking to mount your Feniex Fusion LED lightstick without drilling any holes into your public works or emergency vehicle, this piece of equipment is exactly what you need. This bracket makes it incredibly easy to mount by sticking right to your window to hold up your emergency vehicle. It also allows for stealth lighting.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Feniex Fusion front interior visor light bar with single color. This is one of many Feniex Fusion lights that are a great solution to when you want to add a light to the front of your vehicle. This light's close windshield mounting prevents unnecessary flashback into the driver seat, and can be fully customized to your preference with various color options and a choice of either a 180 optic or 40 optic light spread.

Feniex Fusion Lights at Ultra Bright Lightz

All of this Feniex Fusion lights and more of their products can be found at Ultra Bright Lightz. We are a growing company that proudly manufactures their products in America for both the highest quality materials and the highest standards. Do you have any questions about our products and services, or need help choosing the right product for your emergency vehicle? Contact us today!