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Headlight, Taillight and Plug-and-Play Flashers

Vehicle flashers are a reliable and cost-effective solution for those looking to flash the external factory lights of their car, truck, or emergency vehicle. We offer a variety of hardwire headlight/taillight flashers and plug-and-play flasher modules for a wide range of vehicles and lighting applications. Our LED flashers are incredibly affordable, convenient to use, and offer tons of awesome features that are sure to meet your unique lighting needs.

An Option for Every Vehicle

LED flashers are a powerful and efficient way to upgrade your emergency lighting system. They work great as a standalone product or as an add-on to your LED light bar, dash light, or visor bar. For a more permanent solution, check out our selection of hardwire flashers from Sho-Me/Able 2 and Feniex. They’re incredibly reliable, safe, and engineered to last. Please note: installing hardwire flashers requires knowledge of vehicle wiring systems. We recommend consulting a professional before attempting to wire your own flasher.

Looking for a foolproof option? Try a plug-and-play flasher like our Z-Flash or the Speed Turtle Easy Flash Module. They’re convenient, easy to use, and take only minutes to install and activate. Plug-and-play flashers don’t require modifications to your wiring harness, they won’t damage your vehicle’s electronic control units, and can be removed at any time. Check your vehicle’s compatibility to find out which flasher module is right for you.

Need Help Finding the Right Flasher for Your Vehicle?

All of our flashers are designed to enable factory flashing of exterior lights, but choosing the right flasher depends on several factors: your vehicle’s compatibility, installation preferences, emergency lighting needs and more. Contact us if you have any questions—we’re happy to help you find the right flasher for your vehicle.