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Funeral Procession Lights


Maximize awareness and increase the visibility of your funeral procession by equipping your lead vehicle with purple LED warning lights. Our powerful LED lights are easy to install, intensely bright, and will guarantee that your procession is treated with the utmost courtesy by nearby drivers while maintaining a high level of dignity and respect for everyone involved.

Funeral processions are a time-honored tradition, but leading them through heavy traffic and busy highways is incredibly challenging. Since traffic laws vary from state to state, motorists may not be aware that they should yield to oncoming processions. A long procession may get split up at intersections or crosswalks, and nearby drivers may try to pass or cut off a procession line, potentially putting family members and attendees at risk. 

Although hazard lights are undoubtedly helpful (and required in most states during funeral processions) they’re often not enough to alert and caution surrounding motorists. The best way to ensure the safety and visibility of your funeral procession is with the right combination of LED vehicle warning lights.  Purple emergency lights are easily identifiable and serve as a unique visual warning that can’t be missed by other drivers. Our purple surface mounts and grille LED lights are a versatile, powerful, and dignified option that will protect, honor, and respect your procession.