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LED hide-away lights are an excellent choice for low-profile, undercover lighting applications. They are compact, durable, intensely bright, and very affordable. Hide-away warning lights can be installed discreetly in the headlights and taillights of your emergency vehicle, or surface-mounted using a metal flange. With improved optics, dual color options, and multiple flash patterns, LED hide-away strobe lights are a reliable and trustworthy option for any car, truck, or public safety vehicle.

  • UBL LED Hide-Away Red
    UBL LED Hide-away
    $68.74 $54.99 Choose Options
  • Feniex Cannon 120° LED Hide-a-way
    Feniex Cannon V2 LED Hide-a-way
    $110.40 $59.49 Choose Options
  • Feniex Cannon V3 LED Hide-A-Way
    Feniex Cannon V3 LED Hide-away
    $110.40 $69.99 Choose Options