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Ultra Bright Lightz has a great selection of emergency strobe lights! Although all of our vehicle strobe lights are LED, they are still commonly referred to as strobe lights for trucks. The "strobe" pattern is available with many of our lights including the Feniex Cannon Hideaway. If you're looking for red and blue flashing lights including emergency lights for trucks this is exactly where you want to be!

Choose Ultra Bright Lightz for all your emergency vehicle warning lights! We carry only LED warning lights. You're old-fashioned corner strobes required bulky and loud strobe packs that required a great deal of power and amperage. This modern technology means police lights flashing in various patterns with much more efficient LEDs!

Not only is the power draw better, but the optics have come a long way! The Feniex Cannons have the option for a 120° or 360° degree optic. This means you can choose exactly how you want your lights to spread! In addition to all the improved technology also means the hide-aways can be surface mounted using the metal flange. Use them to mount to your vehicle's body, headache rack and more!

  • UBL Hide-away
    UBL LED Hide-away
    $68.74 $49.99 Choose Options
  • Feniex Cannon 120° LED Hide-a-way
    Feniex Cannon LED Hide-a-way
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