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UBL ilumex 400 Stick Light

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The UBL Electronics ilumex 400 Stick Light is perfect for mounting in the grill, in the rear window, or on the side window of your vehicle! With 19 flash patterns, built in controller, and a damage & weather housing, this 4 head stick exactly what you need in a small and compact led stick light! The ilumex 400 Stick Light also features 4 blindingly bright LEDs in each module making sure you will be safe and seen.

The included back lit controller features a pattern changing button with easy to use traffic advisor directional buttons, and the included cigarette lighter plug makes installing the ilumex a breeze.

Each module is available in 4 colors making the ilumex perfect for firefighters lights, police lights, construction warning lights, and more.

The slide-bolt channel on the back means you can mount your ilumex 400 in nearly any position!

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ilumex Light Series Introduction 01:03

NEW Product Alert! We're incredibly excited to introduce you to the ilumex lighting series! We've worked long and hard to bring you a reliable, incredibly bright light at a super affordable price! We've dubbed this our flagship series because we're so proud for them to bear the UBL name! Watch the video and check out the product pages to learn more! If you have any questions or comments let us know! Learn more: https://www.ultrabrightlightz.com/ilumex Visit us at UltraBrightLightz.com, or call 1-888-562-5125.

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