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UBL U-Lite Visor Bar - Blue/White (Refurbished)

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MSRP: $199.99
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*This is a refurbished item.

Color Configuration: B/W/B/W - B/W/B/W


The UBL U-Lite Visor Bar is the ultimate visor bar for your vehicle! Perfect for a police car light, firefighter POV light, tow truck light, plow light, and more! Whether you need a red led light, blue led light, or amber led light our led visor lightbar will be a great choice to make sure you are seen on the road. Part of the UBL U-Lite family this bar is bigger than the smaller UBL U-lite Visor Mini. This full size bar is perfect for most vehicles, except smaller sedans. To make sure you have the best fit check the measurements from your side posts to rear view mirror. You will need 17.5 inches of space to fit this full size bar.  For the ultimate setup, pair this with a U-Lite License Frame

Installation is super simple. Included in the box is two different bracket styles. Depending upon your vehicle and the design of the sun visor posts you can determine which one works best. The brackets are made of sheet metal so you can easily curve them to the contours of your headliner. The sliding channel on the back of the light helps to adjust the light to the perfect position on your windshield.  The included rubber gasket ensures flashback is kept to a minimum. 

Lightz Meter:

Brightness 8Features 5

30 Day Return Policy   5 Year Warranty   9.99 Flat Rate Shipping


  • Universal mounting brackets
  • 17.5"(L) X 4.5"(W) X 1.6"(H) (Each half, two halves per light)
  • 48 3W LEDs
  • 8 LED Heads
  • Split two piece design
  • Flash back guard with rubber gasket
  • Durable alunimum housing that won't melt in the heat
  • Cigarette lighter plug with on/off and pattern changer switch
  • 8' of wire
  • 16 flash patterns


This is a universal bar.  We unfortunately do not have a listing of vehicles it will not fit.  Be sure to check the measurements to see if it will fit.  This product CAN be returned with our 30-day return policy provided it is in factory condition and has not been installed.

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