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Emergency Vehicle Lights

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Emergency Vehicle Lights- Color Types and Mount Types

All owners should always make sure that their emergency vehicles have the correct types of emergency lights to make the vehicle be seen from a far as well as near distance. The first responders’ first warning signal is flashing beams of light. So it is very important that the correct lights are installed in proper locations adhering to different state laws.

Police Lights

It’s very important that first responders have proper sirens and lights on their vehicles. So for doing this the fleet managers, outfitters and drivers must have a minimum knowledge about their state’s emergency vehicle light statutes.

Types of Emergency Vehicle Lights

There are many types of emergency vehicle lights such as:

These emergency lights are needed to be mounted on several parts of a vehicle to make them be seen from every direction. Among which the most well-known gear is the light bar. These are available as mini models, stealth models, full-size models and low profile units. Many people install these light bars on top of the roof which allows 360 views and some install them on front and rear for all-round visibility.

Front and Rear Facing Emergency Lights

There are many available options for front facing emergency vehicle warning lights including:

  • Interior Light Bars – These are high performance and high-intensity lights which are quick to dismount and mount.
  • Dash Lights – They are easy and quick to install to fit on the front, side windows and back. These are versatile and bright and are easy to power.
  • Visor LightsThese have multiple patterns for flash and have very intense light output. They can be mounted on straps or visors making them perfect as undercover lights.
  • Surface And Grille Mount Lights – These emergency vehicle lights are 100% weather resistant due to the industrial grade epoxy seal. They come with rubber gaskets and mounting flanges to prevent moisture.
  • Strobe Kits And Hideaway Leds – These are out of sight or concealed emergency lights. Until these are switched on these can’t be detected but also can be seen wide and far when switched on.

Color Choices for Emergency Vehicle Lights

The most common choices of color for emergency vehicle warning lights are blue, amber, green, white and red. State statutes determine the use of these colors.

  • Red – It is most commonly used color for an emergency situation. These are usually mounted on fire trucks, rescue vehicles, and police vehicles. They are sometimes also used in a split with white or blue.
  • Amber – These are generally used by construction vehicles in most states. They are used to signify caution mainly. Also, vehicles like tow trucks, snowplows, municipal vehicles, security patrols, etc. use amber lights in combination with another light.
  • Blue – Law enforcement vehicles usually use blue lights or in combination with another color like red. Rescue squads and firefighters in some areas also use blue lights paired with another light.
  • White – A tanker truck or a school bus may use white lights for flashing while refueling.
  • Green – Green light in some states often indicates a mobile command post, firefighters vehicle or a fire chief’s car. In some countries, it is also used by many private and homeland security agencies.